Two Bucks

About Two Bucks

A Bucker Is Born

We watched as mediocre restaurants and bars implemented their "Two Dollar Night" with great success. Sometimes filling their establishments to capacity on otherwise "off" days just to watch business decline again during "premium" days. We viewed this as an irresistible opportunity. We beta tested selling every item for two dollars 7 days per week without signage, advertisement, or branding. "Two Bucks" was not in print ANYWHERE!

Word spread quickly -- within weeks our sales doubled. Within a couple months, they had doubled again and our margins matched industry standards. There were no longer "off" days. We began searching for a larger location with a full kitchen where we could create an affordable menu with many of the same brands as our competitors. Two Bucks Avon was born -- full food and drink menu, signage, branding, marketing plans, patio, manuals, and standards of operations!

Two Bucks was the talk of Avon, Ohio. Our establishment bridged the gap between the dive "corner bar & greasy spoon" and the well-operated corporate brands. We were met with tremendous community support and built regular loyal customers quickly. The words "Two Bucks" were heard constantly due to our uniqueness, simplicity, and affordability; people couldn’t help but take notice!

The Two Bucks brand seemed to catch the attention of entrepreneurs as well. "Is this a franchise?", "Do you sell franchises?", and "Can I buy a franchise?" were asked regularly. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, it was in our nature to quickly turn our answers to these questions into "yes, without a doubt we are selling our brand." We are selling our brand because we believe in it 7 days per week! 365 days per year! We believe that it's not necessary to gouge our guests in order to make a decent living. We believe that our message of affordable, quality dining should be spread throughout the industry!

The Two Bucks of America LLC was created in order to assist entrepreneurs in seizing the opportunity of selling a compelling brand name. Our team has been assembled with caring and talented individuals whose personal success will be measured by the success of the Franchisees.

The Two Bucks franchise seeks to engage the value-minded casual diner and drinker with our unique, simple, and affordable offerings. Our varieties of gourmet menu and drink items are priced below that of competitors, with quality typically reserved for more upscale dining restaurants and nightclubs. Two Bucks focuses on delivering a surprising level of taste, quality, and service, in a fun, relaxed, casual atmosphere, all economically priced. This is a concept with lasting appeal.