Two Bucks

Two Bucks Franchise

An Incredible Opportunity to Own a Modified-Casual Restaurant

Are you searching for a unique restaurant & bar concept?  A place where the whole community can gather?   Well look no further - Two Bucks is here!  At Two Bucks, we take “nightly specials” to a whole other level  since we make every day a “Specials Night” at Two Bucks!

Two Bucks is an innovative modified-casual bar and restaurant where customers are amazed to discover that they can actually enjoy great food and beverages for only TWO BUCKS! Our co-founders are true restaurant innovators who have developed a system that enables us to offer high quality menu items and drinks at an affordable cost…and still make a great profit! Two Bucks is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the incredible growth in the modified-casual dining industry.

It’s not surprising that modified-casual dining concepts are leading the industry as consumers increasingly flock to restaurants that offer high quality food served quickly and affordably. Two Bucks is the culmination of our founders’ 20+ years experience in restaurant ownership and food operations. Every aspect of the Two Buckssm system was designed based on their experience and expertise, leading to greater efficiencies and cost-savings than other restaurant and bar concepts

In 2010, the first Two Bucks opened in Avon, Ohio.  Bridging the gap between the typical "corner bar" and a well-operated modified-casual “corporate” restaurant, Two Bucks was soon the talk of the town.  People could not help but take notice! Great food, great service and of course, a menu that featured drink and menu items for only TWO BUCKS. Based on numerous inquiries we received from customers who were interested in opening aTwo Bucks of their own, we began developing our franchise operation in mid-2010. In March 2011, the Two Bucks franchise opportunity was officially launched!

Please review the Support and FAQ sections to learn more. If you are interested in receiving additional information, please complete our Initial Inquiry Form or call us at (216) 577-2767.

Why Two Bucks?

Two Bucks is a unique neighborhood bar and grill featuring great tasting menu items, affordable prices, friendly service, and a variety of beverages, beers, and wines.  We’ve developed a brand AND reputation that is second-to-none. Two Bucks bridges the gap between the large, overpriced, “been there done that” corporate restaurants and the worn-out "mom & pop" establishments. We strive to please every customer with our great food, great service and great prices and we endeavor to win the hearts of our employees in order to have them work "with" us rather than "for" us.  If Two Bucks sounds like a business you could get excited about, we invite you to review the training and support you’ll receive as a Two Bucks Franchisee and contact us to receive additional information.

The Industry

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry in America is expected to grow over 3% in 2011 and generate over $600 billion in total sales.   In terms of total economies, that ranks the U.S. 18th out of 190 countries worldwide.   With nearly one million locations and serving 135 million individuals every day, restaurants continue to represent an opportunity unlike any other industry. 

Restaurants and the people that operate them improve the quality of life for everyone they serve.  They provide an opportunity unlike any other industry for Americans to live out their dreams by starting their own business, while also creating jobs for others. The restaurant industry is the second largest private sector employer in America with 12.8 million persons, and over 2 million jobs created over the past decade. Nearly half of all Americans have worked in a restaurant at some point in their life.

But as the saying goes, “all restaurant sales are local,” and with Two Bucks, you have the opportunity to own and operate a neighborhood bar and grill that your community will love! Restaurant ownership represents one of the greatest opportunities in America today and Two Bucks provides the system that helps our franchisees duplicate our incredible success. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the Two Bucks franchise opportunity.


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