Two Bucks


Why You Love Two Bucks?

February 27, 2012

We asked our Facebook Fans to tell us why they love Two Bucks.  Here’s what they wrote:

“I love two bucks for the monstrous patio, killer mac and cheese and being so packed that another one needs to open.” Christopher Coyle

”The food is good for such a low price, and the staff is very friendly smile Ashley Helms

 “Because you rock...plain and simple wink Kim Anderson Kozlowski

 “What I LOVE about Two Bucks - $2 food, $2 drinks, free fun, great new patio, amazing crew!!!!” Happy Hour Cleveland

 “I love 2 bucks because I am poor and I can afford to come relax there with a few friends and listen to some good music in a nice atmosphere smile Two Bucks Rocks smileCarollee Kepler

 “Because my wife and I always have a great bucking time every time we go there.” Paul Becker

”$2.00, $2.00, $2.00, $2.00, $2.00 do I have to say anything else?” Christine Cassel MacQueen

 “Because everyone knows my name!!!!! Two Bucks has amazing food, great selection of beers, affordable prices, and the best staff on earth!” Tracy Russell Kelly

“It's a holiday weekend and I wanna get some I look at all my pals and ask them, "what do ya think?" ..."I want something yummy and funny in my tummy." ...Two Bucks is the spot, on the patio where it's sunny!...Look there's a jukebox, I think I'll play Mumford & Sons, then hollar at TK...and toss him some ones. One shot Two shot Three shot Four...who's counting anyways? Give us some more! What a great place...I feel so lucky. Enough of the rhyming...Let's Get Bucky!!!” Rachel Lowell

”What I love about Two Bucks
The food is good and never sucks

The prices cannot be beat
They have the best food you can eat

You have to love the Mac and Cheese
I always ask for more please

My favorite beer is Blue Moon
We will be back to visit Two Bucks soon.” Happy Hour Cleveland

Never been here? It's Time to Become a Bucker!