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Wino Wednesdays and Beer Tastings: Events You don’t Want to Miss!

February 12, 2012

We are sure you’ve heard of Two Bucks Wino Wednesdays and Beer Tastings. If you still haven’t been to any of these events, you absolutely HAVE TWO! Two Bucks partners with distributors such as Purple Feet, Heidelburg, and Cavalier to offer our guests a surpising variety. Wines from all over the world are featured on Wino Wednesdays: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United States, Africa, Argentina, Chile, as well as local wineries. For as low as $15, wine lovers get to try five samples of wine and Chef Neff's delicious food spread. Guests always have a chance to win gift baskets and prizes. Great food, great wine, great atmosphere, all at a great price!

Beer Tastings include a wide array of lessor known craft and import beers you may not normally try.  Examples include: Stegmaier "Summer Stock Pilsner", Two Brothers "Dog Days Dortmunder", Looking Glass "Sweaty Betty", Looking Glass "Kinda Blue", Breckenridge "Summer Bright”, Hefeweizen, and Boulder Hazed & Infused “American Pale Ale” to name a few.  Our informative hosts, anwer questions and walk guests through their journey of newly-found taste sensations. Combine this with Chef Neff's delicious food pairings for the full-blown Two Bucks' Beer Tasting experience.

At the heart of both wine and beer tastings are Chef Neff’s creations!  Depending on the event, Chef Neff’s food spread consists of delicacies such as Pork Loin with Vidalia Onion Glaze, Truffle Risotto Balls, Artisan Cheese Platters, Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad, Bruschetta Crostinis, Beef Wellington, Sous Vide Chicken Breast with Melon and Jalapeno Chutney, Confit Chicken and Waffle Crostinis with Molasses. Chef Neff, who has a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University, is the creative mind behind all the tastes that make our eyes pop, our mouths water, and nourishes our cravings for something extraordinary!  eNeff said!

Enjoy half-price bottles of wine EVERY Wednesday at Two Bucks Avon and Two Bucks Middleburg!

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